Create animated content once. Re-use it forever.

Anyone in your organization could have build this video without any prior training. Within 25 minutes!

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How it works 

Just two steps...

1. Invest in branded animated scenes once

Build beautiful scenes in your brands style once. We'll make sure a variety of stories can be told with them.

2. Re-use them forever in our video maker

This is where the magic happens. Our video maker let's anyone compile professional videos easily. 


Each of these videos have been made in our video maker in under 10 minutes


Easily make posts about open vacancies engaging with our video maker.

Product update

Communicating about product releases can be boring, but it can also be fun. Choose fun.

Event invitation

Invite people for an event you are hosting in an engaging way, with our video maker.

Social campaign

Content for any social campaign you come up with can be made inside Viddioo.

HR announcement

HR announcements can be made at least 10x more fun with our video maker. Choose fun.


You want to reach more people with your awards & nominations posts? Choose video.

Internal comm.

Company culture is everything nowadays. We help you build company culture.

 & much more

The limit to what you can build is your imagination. Surprise us with what you come up with.

Our video maker

We've designed it so that anyone can work with it.

How Viddioo saves costs in 2 years

This comparison is based on an organization that invests in 1 animated video per month and spends €1000 on each video.

Traditional costs (2 years): €24.000

Twelve times per year you work together with an external freelancer or agency to create clips for $1000 each. A the end of the 2 years, you have 24 animated video clips.

Viddioo costs (2 years): €4.000

An initial investment is required to make sure there is branded content to work with. After that you pay a monthly fee for our video maker. At the end of the two years, you can have created hundreds of different videos.

Interested in getting your own animated video content?

Fill in the form below for more info. For new requests, we currently expect to be able to deliver Q1, 2020.

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